Redefining Relations Debate

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Date(s) - 23/11/2023
13:00 - 16:00


How can the Dutch Africa Strategy contribute to a more equal relationship between African partners and the Netherlands?

Given the significant shifts in global geopolitical relations, it has become essential to foster enhanced collaboration with Africa. That is why the Dutch Africa Strategy 2023-2032 was presented this year. It aims to establish a stable, peaceful, and secure neighbouring continent by working together with African nations.

The strategy states that cooperation with Africa will take place on equal terms, more than in the past. To ensure equality, we must understand each other’s positions, concentrate on the relationship, and seek cooperation based on our mutual interests.

But what does equality actually mean in concrete terms for policy implementation by governments, knowledge institutions, and civil society? What does the Africa strategy mean concretely for your work, both on the African and Dutch sides?

These questions will be discussed on the 23rd of November,2023 during the first interactive public discussion about the Dutch Africa strategy. The programme will be varied, switching between live locations in Nairobi and Amsterdam,as well as other locations in Africa, where people can join the conversation online.